David Madore’s reckless antics have cost taxpayers $1.6 MILLION dollars!

Madore’s failed leadership has racked up lawsuits, legal fees, and settlements for Clark County.

When Councilor David Madore was elected, he promised he’d reform county government, and give Clark County voters accountable, transparent government. Instead, we got business as usual!

David Madore’s antics have generated multiple legal actions, including a lawsuit filed against Clack County due to his failure to comply with the Public Records Act. As a result, he’s exposed the count and taxpayers to unnecessary financial liability.

His actions have wasted thousands on legal settlements and racked up even more in legal bills, leaving county taxpayers on the hook for his behavior.*

The $1.6 MILLION dollars he spent covering his actions were real dollars that could have been used on delivering services and infrastructure projects that would make our lives better. What a waste!

We need a new leader, one who will keep promises to voters and not be a liability to taxpayers.


Vote NO on David Madore!

  • Anita Largent lawsuit settlement due to the Benton hire. $309,000 (includes $59,064 for Kevin Gray termination)
  • RW Thorpe contract $45,000
  • Jarvis Contract $3,300
  • Loss of productivity of our Prosecuting attorney’s $28,000 per month 3 months
  • Foster Pepper, Steve DiJulio- Land use attorney $450/hour, $35,000 and counting
  • Rebecca Dean hared to investigate Madore’s accusations against Oliver Orjiako, Chris Horne and Chris Cook, total cost over $54,936
  • Cost of Alternative 4 to the county $985,000 planning staff time
  • $99,225 DKS and Peak Democracy
  • $55,880 for GIS staff