David Madore is Bad for Clark County

David Madore is bad for Clark County
  • David Madore worked to undermine the Humane Society and our legal obligation to provide animal care. His proposal was to euthanize more of our rescued animals.
  • David Madore voted against stable long term funding for Clark County Sheriff’s department to hire new deputies.
  • David Madore, knowing our Clark County Sheriff’s department is understaffed, voted against funding for over time pay.
  • David Madore voted against funding his own Parks Ambassador Program.
  • David Madore purposefully and knowingly fails to comply with the law with regard to Pubic Records Requests.
  • David Madore is the target of multiple legal actions including a lawsuit filed against Clark County due to his failure to comply with the Public Records Act and as a result exposes the county and taxpayers to more financial liability.
  • David Madore calls the Columbian Newspaper a “cancer on society” then spent $27,000 in campaign advertising.
  • David Madore accused fellow councilor Jeanne Stewart of taking a vote he did not like at a meeting that she never even attended. 5/22/2016 DM FB post
  • David Madore falsely accuses county staff of targeting a Christian group, the Royal Rangers. 5/19/2016 DM FB post
  • David Madore voted against providing $2 million in new state funds to assist the developmentally disabled find gainful employment and achieve a self-sufficient life.
  • David Madore voted against allocating $300,000 in state funds to aid in the homeless crisis we now faced in the county.
  • David Madore voted against funding of key infrastructure projects including NE 10th Ave and the NE 119th corridor. These projects are in areas that are a priority for future economic development and will provide needed transportation infrastructure to aid in that development.