No More Madore

David Madore’s behavior, comments, emails and texts have been so outrageous, erratic, and bullying that we can state our purpose in one sentence:

To return Clark County Government to common sense and common decency so that it can focus on the common good.

We are done with David Madore

We deserve much better than what we have received from David Madore.

DAVID MADORE HAS FAILED OUR COMMUNITY. He and some followers have brought a level of nastiness to public life, which is embarrassing, costly to taxpayers, and divisive. Once we were a place where people, regardless of party or ideology, came together for the common good. Let’s face it, most local issues are not “Republican” or “Democrat”. Potholes know no parties. (Or the Humane Society--if you can’t get along with animals and those who care for them, can you get along with anybody?) Madore’s nastiness has caused a brain drain in county government, spawned extraordinary legal costs, stifled questions and dissent, and stimulated bullies to threaten to “filet like a carp” his dissenters (Madore has never publically repudiated this behavior). This is not how we operate! It does not reflect the values we teach our children. We believe in community service, not thuggery, lies, and defamation. Enough already!