Saving tax dollars by killing our furry friends? No More Madore!

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat pets.

In Clark County, lost and homeless pets are housed at the Clack County Humane Society, a well-respected non-profit in our community. Thousands of pets have been rehomed over the years in large part because of the great work the Humane Society does to limit how many pets they have to put down.

As pet lovers, we support the work of Clark County Humane Society!

That’s why it’s so disappointing that when the Humane Society’s contract was up for renewal, Councilor David Madore’s solution for reducing costs was to release these lost and homeless pets out into “coyote territory” to be “kitty McNuggets” for coyotes.*

He also suggested that county would save costs if we simply euthanized more Humane Society rescue pets.

As pet lovers, we cannot support David Madore’s callous treatment of helpless, living creatures that simply want to be connected to a caring home.

We hope you’ll join us in ensuring that lost and homeless pets in our county are protected. We need leadership that will consider the well-being of people…and their pets.

*Vote NO on David Madore!

    • Board Meeting 7/24/2013 excerpt - discussion of the Feral Cats Program, Tom speaks about the cats being fed to the coyotes and David mentions them as "Kitty McNuggets" [ Listen ▶ sound bite]
    • Board Meeting 7/31/2013 excerpt - Paul Scarpelli spoke about the feral cats intake, David Madore spoke about organizations he spoke to. David Madore asked Paul where they would return them to, Tom replied "North County" - DM stated "Coyote Territory."