Clark County Taxpayers Cannot Afford David Madore

He has cost all of us $1,600,000 and counting...

We cannot afford David Madore
  • Anita Largent lawsuit settlement due to the Benton hire. $309,000 (includes $59,064 for Kevin Gray termination)
  • RW Thorpe contract $45,000
  • Jarvis Contract $3,300
  • Loss of productivity of our Prosecuting attorney’s $28,000 per month 3 months
  • Foster Pepper, Steve DiJulio- Land use attorney $450/hour $35,000 and counting
  • Rebecca Dean hared to investigate Madore’s accusations against Oliver Orjiako, Chris Horne and Chris Cook, total cost over $54,936
  • Cost of Alternative 4 to the county $985,000 planning staff time
  • $99,225 DKS and Peak Democracy
  • $55,880 for GIS staff